Saturday, January 26, 2008

Antelope Peak Challenge Race Results

From L to Right: Dave, Jeff, Lee, Nathan, Steve, Max, Patrick, Scott, Chad, Ken, and Kevin at the Station post-coffee.

Climbing up Antelope Peak to the register, a 15-year old bottle with entries from the early 90s.

Antelope Peak Challenge 2008 Results

* Cleaning all of the hills on the gasline– 30 minutes
* Reaching the summit of Antelope Peak (~0.5 miles and ~400 feet off
route)– 75 minutes
* Doing extra laps of the 2008 Old Pueblo 24 hour course–90 minutesStarted from the Station at 8:00am

The first number is the time the participant arrived at the car; the second is the time minus any of the said bonuses. For example, Scott arrived at 2:46 and got all the time bonuses, so he got an end time of 11:31, first place.

(finish time/time-bonus)

1. Scott Morris 2:46pm/11:31

2. Nathan Friedman (SS) 2:30/11:45

2. Max Morris 1:30/11:45

3. Chad Brown 2:50/12:05

4. Dave Chenault (SS) 2:25/1:10

5. Lee Blackwell 3:02/1:47

6. Jeff Handy 3:02

7. Steve Westerberg (SS) 3:45

8. Ken Harrison 3:45

Patrick Hair DNF

Kevin Riseborough DNF

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