Monday, January 04, 2010


On Saturday, Kendall and I went for a hike to scout out Wild Burro. I had done two previous rides in this area, but there were still trails to be explored. We hiked up to the spring in Wild Burro and Lower Javelina. While we were hiking it was hard not be dreaming of the lines, even pretending to ride a bike while hiking. I am sure we looked ridiculous.

Later that day, I called up Max and Scott and lured them in with tales of rocks as big as people, super skinny switchbacks, steep ups/downs and beautiful scenery.

First, we headed up Lower Javelina (south side) from east to west. Brilliant piece of trail

This one took a few times, but eventually it was rideable. Can you see the Ritz Carlton in the background? Huge potential for those that want to stay close to the trail.

Does this place remind you of anywhere? (Hint: Think Phoenix minus the crowds)

Plenty of rocks

some do-overs

but on the whole, it had the perfect combination of challenging and doable areas

As Max headed home, Kendall and Pocket joined us on the north side of Lower Javelina. We rotated camera duties for awhile.

Some awkward moments always happens while riding new lines

Other times you nail the switchbacks

only to look awkward again. What was I doing there?

Saguaros lined the trail and backdrop

Follow the leader to the next switchback

Mr. Confident making a switchback

Kendall headed home as Scott and I pressed on to Upper Javelina. More stunning views and sweet, chunky singletrack

Catalinas in the background

Was that someone shouting? Oh, that was Scott loving the new trail. After a few early hike-a-bike switchbacks at the beginning of Upper Javelina, the rest was, well surprisingly rideable given that we were on the ridge (and the steep switchbacks we had just hiked up).

Scott called it a "Little Milagrosa." Clear blue skies, 70 degrees with a stunning view on some sweet, new trail.

A great way to start the new year.

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