Friday, January 01, 2010

8 Days of Christmas had their annual 8 Days of Christmas this year. BV was leading out one of the rides with a shuttle of Bug Springs to Milagrosa. When plans of bikepacking got derailed, Scott asked me to join the group ride. Dave, Scott, and I met up at the base of the Catalina Highway at 9 and started to ride up. We got a small snow flurry after passing 7 Cataracts. The group numbered about 20 in size, surprisingly efficient the entire ride given its size.

I have never seen this much snow on Bug Springs

As usual, Scott was the "technical wizzard."

We stopped at the Hoodoos and Molino for a quick break, otherwise the entire group seemed to chug along.

Dave descending the AZT on the backside of Molino

Check out the snow on the Rincons in the background

Incredible ride. Add in a quick snow flurry on the ride up and a good 2 inches of snow on Bug Springs, and you have a classic December ride. Thanks to Brian and

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