Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cougar Huntin'

Trail designers deep in thought....

I got to tag along with Tim and Mark today. We drove up to Crow Wash on Rail X, packed the bikes up with hiking gear and rode to Wild Burro in the Tortolitas. The plan for the day was to do a few hours of re-routing of a trail they had previously put in.

After the trail work, Max and I took the opportunity to head up Bass Ass trail (he, Tim, and Steve had done it the weekend before).

Recognize that peak in the far background below? (Hint: we are looking northwest)

The trail was great for the first 1.5 miles. After that, it got a little more difficult to navigate to the springs. After passing Bass Ass Springs, we headed east on Cochie Springs back to Edison/Rail X.

As we were riding, I noticed a slickrock paradise. Plenty of islands of singletrack to link together. Max took the camera and started clicking as I started to link them together.

Next 3 photos taken by Max

On the way back to Edison, we came across a horse trailer with some dogs. Earlier in the ride, we had found a dog that seemed to be lost. We chatted a little bit about the Tortolitas, he was pretty inquisitive. It turns Andy is working for the state trying to hunt/catch a cougar to put a GPS collar on it. Seems as though about 10,000 houses are going in on the Pima-Pinal County line. It reminded us of an article that was in the AZ Daily Star a few weeks ago about a wildlife passage. We chatted for about 20 minutes before continuing on past the marble mine to the car.

This area is beckoning for some more exploration on the east side of the Tortolitas. The next few Tuesday Night Techy Taco Rides will continue to be at CSP/50 Year. But soon we will switch over to the Tortolitas via Vistoso Blvd to explore!


ScottM said...

Glad you got to head out with Mark/Tim for a little layout.

I dig the new blog theme.

MaadJurguer said...

Picacho peak?

Chad said...

well done...Picacho Peak it is.

Rockin' said...

Hey, you got the casner gpx file floating around somewhere? Looked over at the Google site and didn't see it. Later...


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