Saturday, January 09, 2010


That was the theme of today's AZ Trail Jamboree ride benefiting the Arizona Trail Association.

Jon at SW Trekkers gave by helping us out with a shuttle van.

Others came out after donating some money to the ATA.

27 people, countless others gave and were not able to attend

The Arizona Trail in all its glory....

The mighty Catalinas to the left and the steep Rincons on the right

Saw this on 83 and Sahuarita Rd...although the mine seems almost inevitable, it still feels good to say Stop.

a classic shot near Colossal Cave

38 miles of (almost all, 3/4 mile of Lakes Road being the exception) singletrack followed by some BBQing, beer, and well, just hanging out and talking.

Thanks again to all those that came out today. Also Jon S, Scott, Steve W, Aaron S, and David B really were instrumental in making this happen. Every gesture made toward this trail (man power or financially) really makes a difference. I know I need to get out there and do some more "man power" hours.

Look for a bigger, better AZT Jamboree 2011....

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