Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Suburbia Loop

I decided to connect my Suburbia Loop with my Tucson Mountain Park Route. What followed was about 50 miles of back road fun to TMP, in honor of my dear friend Yuri. A little history of the Suburbia Loop: I did the Suburbia Loop last year to train for the 24hours of Old Pueblo. Some of the old school route has been demolished due to housing construction, but the basic route has stayed the same. When I showed my friend part of the Suburbia Loop, the next week he did it alone and broke his collarbone. Basically, it is a route that has some of the best hidden singletrack in Tucson. Guaranteed.

I added that route to the Santa Cruz River route in order to enter the entrance of TMP. But in reality I just passed Starr Pass Resort and headed back home. I hope to add this new Suburbia-Santa Cruz Loop to the new Hidden Canyon over at TMP for one ultimate, new ride that I can do on a regular basis from the door of my house.

I was surprised by the stats:

48.8 miles
5740 feet of climbing
4:38 moving time
30% singletrack, 65% doubletrack, 5% paved roads/bike paths

Along the open pits near Santa Cruz

A relatively flat route, or so I thought.

Yuri, this one is for you. The entire time I was riding next to the Santa Cruz I was thinking about the canals in Phoenix.

The ultimate mtn bikers playground: a yard full of huge pipes about a foot apart, 10 deep. About the only good thing from the I-10 project is this fun park.

Tucson Mountain Park


1 comment:

YuriB said...

jeez dude, you must live in bfe.
nice urbaneification.
i'm down for that sedona loop thing.


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