Thursday, December 06, 2007

REI store is coming to Tucson

Check this story out in the AZ Daily Star.


Cecily said...

Uh oh, Summit Hut aka Smut Hut is doomed.

Matt said...

I like /REI...but there are more than a few mountain bikers that boycott them. Seems they feed some of the profits to the Sierra Club and with that goes the wilderness - no bike access issue. But having them here in Albuquerque is great - and easy shopping. Those end of year dividends are cool too.

Anonymous said...

To Matt:
If it comes down to the Sierra Club special interest versus the mountain bikers special interest, I will take the Sierra Club. At least their "interest" is broad and altruistic.


marlo said...

hmmm - if you can't use it - your would rather have it developed?

I guess mountain bikers would rather have wal marts and parking lots...

what a terribly myopic way of thinking.


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