Thursday, July 26, 2012


Our last day in CB was a special one. Scott, Eszter and I rode up Gunsight Pass to Scarps. I hesitated to do this ride, not really wanting to take another stroll up Gunsight Pass (having done it solo 5 days before), but it was my last ride in CB. I shook off the lethargic attitude with a little bit of motivation from Scott and we headed to Gunsight.

"Stay on target!" quickly became the favorite phrase uttered between Scott and I as we climbed the rocky, difficult section of Gunsight.

Which of my bikes is easier for this kind of stuff.....Behemoth (which I used last time I came up Gunsight) v. Leviathan in climbing.....Leviathan easily won. I still need to get a 20t ring up front though.

Can you see the two mountain bikers?

My favorite trail in CB was Dr. Park before I rode Scarps. The views on this trail are simply out-of-this-world stunning! Check out these views!

It is tough to really see, but a few sections get close to the edge. 

Of course, you have to have a few sections of hike-a-bike.

We bombed down because of time constraints to Lake Irwin, each heading their separate ways  (Eszter went to a photoshoot, Scott headed o ride Dyke, and I went to meet K for a ride on Wagon Wheel). Thank you, Eszter , for the tour of Scarps.

After the ride back down Wagon Wheel, I headed back up with K and down again and cruised for a thai burrito at Teocali Tamale. One final ride before we left CB.

Crested Butte, you left me speechless and in awe. I will be back and soon.....


cookiedough said...

Chad - that's just plain awesome.

RedRockChica said...

holy crap!


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