Tuesday, July 10, 2012

CDT Trail Work

This past weekend, we decided to help the CO trails that we have been riding/hiking by working with the Volunteer for Outdoor Colorado with a 2-day trail construction between Hope Pass and Clear Creek. The goal of this project is to get the Continental Divide Trail off the Winfield Road and back onto a trail. As you can see from pictures below, we had a blast. I was able to ride back on the trail to Hope Pass on the new section of the trail that has been built in the past 3 months. The VOC is very well organized and its members highly motivated. We

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Anonymous said...

You've been covering a lot of ground and trails since I saw you!! What a wonderful summer adventure. A bit jealous of your time in Leadville, we love that place!! Enjoy the Colorado scenery for us. Great photos in the last few postings. xxxoooxxx

Auntie Jo


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