Thursday, July 26, 2012

403 to 401

The previous later ride that yielded some good rain meant an early morning ride for both Scott and I. Today was going to be a 5-6 hour ride from Mt. Crested Butte again. The route was Snodgrass to Washington Gulch, 403, up to the pass to 401 and back to Mt. CB.

Washington Gulch Road

Best place for lunch in CB.....on the 403, roast beef sandwiches and fritos. Mmmmmmmm.

Scott veered back home after the 403, so I was left solo to ride the 401. It is easy to see why this is labeled as the must-do, classic trail for CB. I was surprised to see how many people shuttle this ride. In fact, the entire time I was in CB, I kept seeing the same cars/people drive to the trailheads. Understandably so at times because of the lack of connecting singletrack.

I met a few people while riding the upper sections. Including a couple from Denver (shown below in white on trail).

Upper 401

Although as I got lower, they seemed to all veer off to Gothic Rd. Not sure if it was the rain storm that scared them away, but in any case, I got to ride the lower section without seeing anyone.

I headed home on the contoured, fast Gothic Rd just before a rain storm hit.

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Vik said...

Love the photos....thanks for posting :)

safe riding,



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