Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Deer Creek

After a week in Crested Butte of riding, I have quite the number of pictures to look over. It has been one outing after the other since we got here. After two weeks in Colorado, I have to admit that this is *the* place to be in the summer.

Scott and I did a great from our condo at Mt Crested Butte to Upper, Upper Upper, Brush to Deer. Plenty of time to take in the views. It is clear from the angle of the pictures that I had one thing in mind....mountains. The end of the tree line catches my eye, perhaps even more than my love for aspens.

This is a special place and I plan on coming back here many times in the future....

...it is easy to see why.

Many more pictures/rides to come from Crested Butte. Thank you for checkin' in.

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