Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Grand Junction

Scott and I arrived to Grand Junction a little late to really get a good start on the Grand Loop. More importantly, we concluded that the ground could use another good day of drying before we made our backwards attempt at the 380-mile route. Scott said that backwards would have the hardest sections during the first part of the multi-day race. Also, It had never been done before. Either direction had no attempts on a singlespeed.

The day before we started (last Tuesday 5/26) we opted for some riding on the Tab trails. A coffee and REI run were among a few of the things we did to kill some time. The weather was incredible, perhaps a start would have been better instead of waiting around. As I mentioned before, we did do some riding. A few of the trails that we rode (Gunny, Pet-e-kes, and Pre-nup) were going to be the new end of the race (which was the start for us since we were doing it in reverse). Here are a few pictures from the day.

As Mike stated in one of his posts, "this is one of the most critical skill on the Grand Loop."

photo credit to Mike C

Mike also let me borrow a Milk Money, 29 Full Suspension singlespeed that you can see in the picture above. It was an incredible ride. I was almost corrupted by riding it for that short time. But alas, I had to get up the next morning and ride my own, dependable ol' Lynskey.

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Rockin' said...

Congrats on pulling it off.

Decided yet where your road trip is going this summer?


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