Monday, June 22, 2009


The idea to do a bikepacking trip in northern Arizona was tossed around by Scott and I after the Grand Loop. "One big loop" was the goal and I quickly got to it this past weekend. I merged tracks, added new tracks on forest roads, and asked friends for beta on some areas I have never been.

A 450-mile ride was the final version, from which we narrowed it down to this base loop:

The loop can very immensely, but Flagstaff is always the hub of the loop. There are three areas that are bound to be a must-hammer section (depending on direction): Bill Williams, Casner Mountain, and Mingus.

Highlights of the route:
  • AZT goodness
  • Grand Canyon views
  • Casner Mountain with some killer views of Sedona and Sycamore Canyon
  • Mingus Mountain
  • Prescott Loop on about 80% singletrack
  • Bill Williams
I would estimate about 60% of the route is singletrack/doubletrack.

To put the route to the test, Scott, Lee and I are going to start riding from Flagstaff tomorrow for 3-4 days.... It should be good.

Make sure to check out this thread by Mike about the recent trip to the North Rim. Stunning pictures, simply stunning.


Rockin' said...

Looks like fun. Trying to make yourself really ready for the beach?

Dave said...

Be sure to ride down the Bill Williams trail, and up Benham or the road. DQ in Williams, too.

I look forward to hearing the stories!

Enel said...

Wowzers that's a big ride.


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