Thursday, June 11, 2009


Recovery was in order, and what better way than to ride dirty century ride from Flagstaff to Sedona.

Plenty of interesting points along the ride, Sycamore Canyon probably being the highlight of the ride. The ride veers southwest of Flagstaff, riding through meadows. Touring pace was the goal.

As with any dirty century, the secret is to just continue to pedal. I was in no rush today, just needed to ride the route. I tried to make my cockpit something resembling his, but alas I only had a watch, GPS, and bell. One day. The watch was there to remind me that it was in fact a touring pace.

The forest road meandered for about 20 miles before turning into the best powerline road I have ever ridden. The views were stunning to say the least. Sycamore Canyon, Sedona, Cottonwood Valley, Jerome and the San Francisco Peaks in the was 360 degrees of goodness. The pictures can boast

Looking toward Cottonwood

Steep sections are plentiful

but pale in comparison to the reward

Isn't creation a thing to marvel?

I had lunch here before pressing on to Sedona

and later Munds and Schnebly Hill. The singletrack was in the perfect section of the race, the middle. I thoroughly enjoyed it, largely due to the cool weather we are having in Arizona right now.

Flowers are plentiful, you just need to slow down a little bit. I call today's pace a fast tour.

The ride from Munds to Flagstaff was a bit slower. A brief stop at Woody's Food Market and I was off to ride some double track into Flagstaff.

100+ miles in 11 hours 13 minutes. Not too shabby.
More to come from the Kaibab as I venture to the North Rim today....


Cindy said...

Nice-the desert can be really beautiful.

Enel said...

Wow. That is a ride within my ability that I need to try some day.


Chad said...

Making it a 2-day ride would really be great. I rested for about 1.5-2 hours of the ride :) nice, leisurely place.

Unknown said...

YOU are something to marvel at :)

YuriB said...

Enjoy the KmC. I'm green with envy.


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