Thursday, April 30, 2009


The weekly 50-year trail ride is back up again. I started it with the goal of bringing out some more north side riders. Honestly, it is not really very organized since I periodically change the day, either Wednesday or Thursday. Nevertheless, I hope it may blossom into a small group of blokes, 2-5 people would be good.

Today, Max and I met at my school to ride over to Catalina State Park and over to the 50-year trail before hitting up Sandy Sutherland.

Max had never ridden this section of the trail; his excitement to ride the trail was apparent by his frequent stops to pump up his bike. Notice the grin on his face. I think I mentioned how he is always pumping up his tires, to which he responded that he was the one that was prepared. Very true, I only had an extra tube that had flatted on my way to work this morning.

More words and insults (in a joking manner of course) were exchanged during the rest of the ride. The trail goes from sandy to some great technical sections. Good times. The jokes and insults really began to fly during this part of the trail as each of us tried to clean something that the other had failed on...

It was then that I realized how unfortunate it was that I had to ride the AZT 300 alone. To which I now make the following conclusion: Endurance races/rides are best when done in groups. Without getting too sentimental, I figured I would take some time to say thank you to everyone that I have done a 8+ hour ride with (Dave, Scott,

My last comment as we entered into Catalina State Park, "A picture of Max behind me, just like he always is" got a good reaction.

Welcome back Max, I look forward to chasing you on many more endurance rides/races.

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Eric J said...

Been too long, have to shred it with you guys sometime soon.

Til then, take it easy.


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