Saturday, April 11, 2009

AZT 300 Day 2

That first night, I found a great location for the hammock between a gate and a tree. I had decided to retire early knowing that Madera Canyon in the dark can be frustrating sometimes.

I woke up the next morning at 730 am, ready for another long day in the saddle. I started to ride at around 8am in the morning, quite surprised at how quickly my legs had recovered from the day before.

I was surprised to see the water spigot at Madera Canyon parking lot was working, great news. I downed quite a bit of water before refilling my bladder. On to Box Canyon Rd, there were a few cars taking in the views, then a Park Ranger past me with his window down. Up, up, up he commented to me as I waved. Good to see some people are taking notice of my suffering. It was pretty slow going until the turn-off to the the AZT.

The next 20 miles of the trail were blissful....sweet, fun singletrack in what appeared to be ideal riding conditions

The newest singletrack in this section (from last year's route) is superb.

I eventually got to Old Spanish Trail, had to detour to Performance Bikes for 2 more slime tubes, and headed to Taco Bell. The order was $12; seven tacos and 2 burritos. Mmmmmmmm, I managed to eat almost all of it before embarking up to Reddington to stay the night.

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