Saturday, April 25, 2009

50-year trail

Those of us that are still in Tucson this weekend headed out to 50-year trail. The trailhead was empty (only Nate and Louis were on the trail during the first half of the ride; they were doing their usual jumps and lines). I never did a Prescott Monstercross write-up, but the summary of the first 30 miles was pain. My legs were hurting on every climb last weekend. A week of the bike was the perfect prescription. I hit the pool and hills with the swim gear and running shoes. Mix it up, right?

The crew (Aaron, Andrea, Kendall, Alex and I) headed out from 50-year trail early this morning for a great ride.

The weather was perfect, cool temperatures with a slight breeze.

Headed to the pool right now for some more laps. Enjoy your weekend, especially those that are in Prescott.

Some exciting rides/races coming up:
Coconino DC scouting trip down Casner Mountain
Coconino Dirty Century
Kaibab Monstercross 125 or 200

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