Saturday, June 07, 2008

Big wheels

The new ride will be christened in an early morning Climb or Die? attempt tomorrow, the 2nd such attempt. The first attempt ended in failure. The network of trails has always been toted (at least by me) some of the best in the entire state. Climbing them only to descend them equals one of the best rides anywhere.

Today, I built up the bike, adding some new components. The test spin proved successful, while I was out, I picked up some flats for my old bike, soon to be turned into my commuter bike with semi-slicks Continental Traffic.

Camera is still broken from my Jug canyoneering trip, so I have been borrowing my roomies for some shots here and there. Not sure if I will have it for tomorrow, but I should have some interesting topofusion stats after the ride.


Dave said...

Despite all the hints, I didn't think I'd see this so soon! Sweeeeeeeeeeet.

You deserve it brotha. Welcome to the club.

Rhino said...

What are the specs with the new ride? Color looks sweet - but the pic is just a teaser.

Cat Greene said...

Tasty looking bike ya got there!


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