Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Link dump

Imagine being able to do more road and urban rides with more access to water. Good article about sustainability here in the Times today. One of my favorite parts of my urban assault loop is that it passes 3 parks, and thus three bathrooms with water, a salient part of any ride in Tucson during the summer.

As we gear up for another Tour de France, some American companies have stepped up into some sponsorships. Alejandro Valverde is one of the favorites.

Streets of NY car-free in August for 3 days
It has been a long-held dream of New Yorkers of a certain (greenish) stripe: the streets of Manhattan free of cars. Now, for a few hours, on a few streets, on a few weekends this summer, that dream will become reality.

In the world of mountain biking, both the Tour Divide and GDR will be underway shortly, the former started last week. The spot leaderboard is one of the most interesting ways to watch the race, along with reading blogs, like Siren Mary's. Today, Matt and Reuben are within several miles from each other.

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