Monday, February 25, 2008

Climb or die?

I died today just below the last climb on Bug Springs. The legs felt great, body was in good condition, but I did not bring my light and the sun was close to setting.

- Stage 1: Ride up Milagrosa to the AZT (4000′)
- Stage 2: Follow AZT over the saddle, descending to Molino Basin. (4800′)
- Stage 3: Continue on AZT, climbing to Prison Camp (4900′)
- Stage 4: Climb Bug Springs Trail to MP ~12, near Bear Canyon Picnic area (6200′)
- Stage 5: Climb Green Mountain Trail to the San Pedro Vista (7200′)
- Stage 6: You ride the highway until the connector between Green Mtn and Butterfly is completed
- Stage 7: Butterfly trail to Mt. Bigelow (8400′)
- Stage 8: Bigelow access road to Catalina Highway, Sunset Trail (?) to Summerhaven
- Stage 9: Aspen Draw to Mt. Lemmon (9100′)

Completion of this renders the rider immediate and irrevocable status as a mountain bike god.

Stats from the ride:
6100 feet of climbing
32 miles

The only real problem was a big gash on my sidewall that occurred; had to use the old hammer gel packet trick to keep the tube from poking out. Here is a shot of the fixed sidewall.

My custom seat is not holding up very well either

Playlist: System of a Down, Cheville


ScottM said...

Aw yeah! Nice effort Chad, esp. coming off the 24 hour race. Apparently your body never needs rest.

Chad said...

'Twas a grand ride and great idea.... I hope to complete the ride one day to establish my immortality as a climbing genius.

mrs. max said...

you know, I know someone who can get you a great deal on a seat and a new tire or two...


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