Monday, June 16, 2008

Lemmon XC Week!

Hopefully there will be less of this (unnecessary hike-a-bike) and more riding with the new Leviathan. Cleaned it up after Saturday's KMC, possibly ready for a uber early morning Lemmon Death March. I did a purging of hair off the body today, mostly the head, but also the legs and other areas after the hot ride this past weekend. We will see what the body says after dinner tonight. On the menu, a fat tire and some Pad Thai,

Doing some reading on new items for the Lev, mostly bags that will increase my efficiency on multi-day, self-supportive riding. A new camera is also on the things-to-buy list. There is a Tour de Lush in Tucson this Saturday, coinciding with the plans to ride on Lemmon all weekend. This may warrant us to drop off the mountain for some beer and biking around Tucson.

1 comment:

Cat Greene said...

No need to go for a beer run when the beer will run to you!


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