Monday, January 19, 2009

South Shore Lake Hodges

Kendall and I went out Sunday to explore the south shore of Lake Hodges. It was clear the entire day, perfect for a nice ride around the southern end of Lake Hodges. Both sides of the lake would leave any cyclist content, but specifically beginner and intermediate riders. There were only a few rocky/steep sections that Kendall had to walk.

One of the rocky sections that leads to the end of the rideable sections. We did not venture too far beyond a bushwacking section of the trail that dropped toward the lake. Here is a section near the end of the trail.

Great riding, on both sides of the shore. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend around Lake Hodges, a must do for anyone in the area, especially those in the immediate area.


Tiffany G said...

Your pics make me miss San Diego! Too bad I moved from there before I was into mtn biking. I must get back and ride some of the trails.


Cat Greene said...

Kendall is hardcore


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