Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Anyone else in for the back-to-back endurance race/ride weekend?

Looks like Nathan signed up for the Full Monty.

SSAZ January 24
APC January 25


ScottM said...

I ain't got no stinkin' singlespeed and I am NOT doing it on a Redline Monocog again.

If I can track down a SS with a fork I'll consider it, otherwise you guys will just be more warmed up than the rest of us. :)

sspaige said...

Thanks for your legwork on the Tucson Mtns Mongo Loop of a few weeks ago. I had been trying to put it together myself and it mas made easier due to your posts. One question: The gas line running south from Ina to Sunset runs into several gates, a particularly stout one at Abington that turned me away for fear of running into private landowners. Can you clarify the status of the gas line road in terms of access? Can we scoot under the fences with confidence? Are we tresspassing if we do so? Just curious....

Chad said...

From my understand, we can ride the gasline on private property. We are not trespassing. I have jumped those two fences every time I have been in the area w/o any problems.


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