Sunday, January 04, 2009

Oracle Exploration Map

Anyone that is looking for a great mountain bike loop, check out the map below from my APC exploration from last week. The route (Willow to Oracle) above has 4750 feet of climbing in 33 miles (not including the loop back to Willow Springs Road. If you want more climbing, you can turn up Oracle Ridge to ride to the Arizona Trail 300 route (in orange on the map).

Imagine a 100+ mountain bike ride that would start at the Willow Springs Arc, use the route pictured in the map above, connect it to the orange part of the AZ trail, before dropping back into Oracle for a refueling before returning to the Arizona Trail and out to Antelope Peak on the current route. The route would be around 105-110 miles, plenty of single track with multiple bailouts.

Here is the topo map from Topofusion

GPX file available here on the AES Google Group

I had a few requests for the Tortolita Loop file that Scott Morris and I did a few weeks back, I also put that on the same page. You can access it here.

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