Monday, April 11, 2011


The rain on Saturday was perfect timing. From the snow on the Pinals to blooming ocotillos, everything seemed to come into place for another trip to Area 52.

Cool, slight breeze out of the west...oh man, this is the kind of riding to follow a cold, white Saturday.

All the pictures are in this slideshow:

Post-ride swim at the Gila with some mandatory recovery drinks...Enjoy the weather this week!


Mark @ said...

Just came across your blog - awesome pictures, man I really envy you! I have nothing that even comes close in terms of terrain here in Europe. The only thing I would miss is some forest, but I think I could live with it for a little while.


Lindo lugar. Boas fotos!!! Somos do Brasil. Abra├žos

Miss Jenny said...

Chad- I haven't checked out your site in a while. AMAZING photos! Will you email me your ph. number so I can text you when I'm in Tucson in June? Thanks. Love the blog!


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