Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Gila River Scramble II Day 1

A great way to start the first mile of your bikepacking trip with your favorite Arizona bikepacking crew...

Add some record high temperatures and you might just bail. The Florence weather was 98 degrees as we were making our turn on to the Diversion Dam Rd.

The heat did cause a few stumbling blocks, like we had to leave later in the day. That meant less riding. That said, it turned out to be a great decision because we arrived at Area 52 with some of the best lighting ever.

Each time I ride out here, I always mumble the same two things: this place is going to be one day famous and why is that I only visit this place twice a year!?

Next three photos by Scott Morris

We found a good path that I had never taken down the east side of the mesa. While stepping up to a small lip, I encountered this guy ready to strike.

Truth be told, I did scream a little bit when I first saw it. Although it was not really close, it’s rattle was going as I was focusing on the move to get up the lip.

We drifted off to the top of Ripsey to set up camp when some amazing lighting really set the mood. I am not sure what it really is about sunsets, but the more I ride a bike the more I can truly appreciate what the sun does every morning and night.

It’s the kind of things you hope for when you are packing your bags…You often find yourself wishing for fun singletrack, gorgeous sunsets, good company and hot food. I was lacking on the last as I watched Scott cook his food that night.

I really need to think about bringing better food on these trips. Day 2 tomorrow.

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Keith said...

Hi. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your posts and photos. Keep up the great work.


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