Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cherry Tank

I met Cody this week at the Monday Mahvalous ride (Hank's theory for this ride: "Monday's always are the worst, so why not start the week out right with a +2-hour night ride." I love it.) Consider me a regular for Mondays.

Later in the week, Cody and I road from Catalina, Sutherland to Baby Jesus on Wednesday (my "long commute" from work).

Today, we rode from my house a sweet 3-hour loop: Upper 50-Cherry Tank-Around the Mountain-Gem.

Cherry Tank has its fill of rocks and Arizona Honeysuckles in bloom (not pictured).

We saw three gila monsters...

Photo by Cody

...and I somehow managed to clear Around the Mountain on the first try.

A great loop, especially when done from the house. Nonetheless, I would recommend waiting to go up Cherry Tank until some rain comes. It is pretty sandy. Although if you wait, you might miss some of the blooming that is happening up there. I will leave it up for you to decide....


Dave Harris said...

Awesome Gila Monster shot. It looks like it's about to chase your butt down.

I tried getting a shot of one in Black Canyon but didn't know where the comfort range was for it...mine was pretty long ;)

samreis said...

hey Chad! Great blog and information that u share!! appreciate it!


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