Thursday, April 07, 2011

Gila River Scramble II Day 2

If you did not ready Day 1, click here to see more.

That night, the wind was blowing just enough to keep me cool inside the sleeping bag. Stars were out, and beside a little rodent nibbling at my bag a few times, I slept so peacefully.

The next morning, we figured out our water source was just a few yards away from where we thought it was. We filled up and headed down to Ripsey.

We checked out another water source for future beta. The more you know about water in this area, the better your chances of riding more miles when the heat comes on.

In about a 20 square mile area, I can point you to (besides the silty Gila) about 6 places to get reliable (when filtered) water.

I have never ridden Ripsey on such fresh legs.

Could the switchbacks of doom be ridden on fresh legs?

Perhaps a bit of luck and the fresh legs, I managed to clean the entire section. Ripsey alone is reason enough to get happy, add in some riding like that and there is bound to be some shouting.

We saw two of these little guys while on Ripsey.

While we stopped, Scott had borrowed my camera to find where he had dropped his water bottle and tire. The former had been dropped at Area 52, while the later must have fell even before Area. We pondered where the tire fell?

Perhaps Trader Joe's had a hedgehog in mind when the made this delicious treat.

Do you see the resemblance?

We carved as much we could...

nailing the switchbacks along the way. It was (and always has been) a beautiful descent.

Riding up the Florence-Kelvin Highway has been getting a little old, this is my 3rd time in a little over 3 months. At least the views are nice.

Time to head back to Area 52

Picture by Scott
Redemption? Not quite. I managed not to break my frame while riding the Gila Scramble, but I fail a little short of cleaning the toilet tubes.

And alas, the missing tire, about 1/4 mile from the car.

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maadjurguer said...

Sweet! I'm looking forward to more riding very soon.....I've still yet to see a Gila monster....


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