Sunday, December 09, 2007

West Suburbia Loop

I decided to ride the west suburbia loop today after riding the east with Dave C. yesterday (on Fridy, Tom, Dave and I rode the newest section of the AZT out at Sweet Water. If you have not ridden it, you need to). After a rather stormy morning, the sun started to shine after finishing my shopping at Trader Joe's. I estimate both the east and west suburbia loop have about 60 miles (it can be done in a figure 8 loop).

Some pictures of Mt Lemon in the background, typical double track

Single track near Thornydale Road

Top of Pima Northwest Campus

More double track

Riding in Tucson in the winter: shorts and leg warmers

Enjoying the pipes near the I-10 construction, my newest playground

More singletrack in Suburbia
Arm tan line in Tucson

This ride paled in comparison to the KCE pre-ride this weekend in the rain. Max, Dave and I rode for about 2 hours in the wind/rain. It made me realize that I need to buy some warm bike clothes, possibly something I can add to the Christmas wish list this year. Dave and I had a jolly old time drinking beer, riding, and talking. He left a bit early today allowing me to ride a bit, clean up, and do some shopping.

Next on the ride list: pre-ride the Sedona Big Friggin Loop.


Eric J said...

chad,where were those single/double track pictures taken? Kinda looks like the trail between Arthur Pack Park and Tortolita Middle School.

ejbluth from the mtbr forums.

Chad said...

That is right on, it is the st/dt in the Arthur Pack area. Fun, eh?

Eric J said...

I'll have to ride it again and find out.Is there anyway to find your west suburbia loop directions, that map is too small for me.


Chad said...

Eric, I do not have the directions, do you have a GPS? I can send you the GPX track of both loops, west and east. I can email you a bigger, better map but of the Arthur Pack single/double track area. I am still working on both loops, since I think there is about 50-60 miles of routes.

Eric J said...

Nah I dont have a GPS, thanks though, I'll just have to explore on my own.

Chad said...

This might help you:

A better map


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