Sunday, December 02, 2007

D2D and SoMo

Helped a little bit at D2D, not as much as I was hoping for though. Decided to bail a little early to go back into town rather then waiting around for the after party.

I rode South Mountain this morning, up National to Buena Vista and back down with Yuri and his rigid Niner. Had a great time. I rode about 20 extra miles before and after that ride alone, scouting out some sections for the future Du Run Run Duathlon. I think it is going to be a small race, prob 5-10 participants.

Some pictures of Yuri (lens did not seem to open for some reason)

When I got home, I craved a bit more riding, so I did my usual "suburbia loop" around the area, 15 miles of good fun.

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