Thursday, December 13, 2007

AZ Trail 300 Race

Canelo Hills, AZT
A few miles away from Patagonia (pictures courtesy of the Scott/the Touring gang)

An MTBR Discussion has already started on the long anticipated Arizona Trail 300 Race that I attempted last year. Truth is that I have come along way since my this race, it being my first real "endurance" mountain bike ride. I still have not camped over night on my bike since then nor have I rode for 16 hours in one day like I did on that trip.

Not sure if I am going to be doing it this year, but it is a great race for those thinking about riding it. There are two different methods: racing and touring. I tried the former having not ridden any of the approximately 140 miles before Mt Lemon. Big mistake. I also had never slept next to my bike on a big ride. Another big mistake. And to top things off, I had never really used a GPS before on a bike, nor did I really know about "active" and "saved route." The biggest mistake of all.

Low point of the race: calling my mother to ask for advice after getting completely lost at night (although thanks mom for being supportive!)
High point of the race: Pulling the plug knowing that I had given it my best. I bet few if any have attempted such a feat with so little riding experience.

My suggestion to those that ride this race is be mentally and physically ready. Riding alone, in the dark, for long periods of time is not easy. And of course, make sure to bring enough warm clothing.


Ydna Semaj Retus said...

What I just read sounds like something Dean would write.

Chad said...
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