Friday, November 30, 2007

Sedona Big Friggin Loop?

Still working on this one, but it might be around 55 miles, 8,000 feet of climbing, with a refuel available in Oak Creek. As in the classic NMES tradition that inspired the AES series, we would be starting at a coffee shop and ending at a brewery. Not sure about name yet, but that stuff can be figured out later.

Asked Dave C for some advice about the race; he basically concurred that it seems like a good idea. I will wait to get some more suggestions before launching another race. Tentative date would be April 26, 2008, a week after the AZT 300 and a month before the Coconino Dirty Century.


velogucela said...

Woah! April 26th?? That's my birthday!

Matt said...

Schweet! Sedona rocks. I'm hoping things are all in store for me to be rolling out of town on the weekends by then. But that might be the weekend of the larger New Mexico Dawn til Dusk Race.

Have fun next weekend in Kentucky. ;-)

Chad said...

Nooooooooooooo! We might have to change the date then!


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