Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Pacific Coast Highway

I went to Phoenix yesterday for a few purchases. One of them is a BOB trailer that I am going to use on Highway 1. It is hard to believe that we are leaving in 1.5 weeks. Plan is to park my car at Kendall's house in San Diego and set off up the seaboard on bikes. Kacy is driving back to Tucson this next week from NY. In the meantime, she is riding a little more for the big trip.

The picture of the BOB trailer:

The trailer is going on the back of the road bike with another few bags on the bike (handlebar and stem). I am hoping to take it out for a ride this weekend to test it out.

After a weekend of toying with buying a time trial bike, I decided to buy one.

2006 Trek Team Time Trial Bike, all dura-ace components, and sweet XXX Bontrager carbon aero bars. The bike's MSRP last year was $5400. I should have it ready for next race on September 15th.

Still have to put the bike together since it is new. I am still tapering from this past triathlon in Flagstaff, so I have been taking it easy all week. I'll try to have all the cables on by this weekend so I can take it for a spin around the neighborhood.

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