Sunday, July 01, 2007

La Milagrosa Ride

Max, Chris, and I headed to Reddington early this am to do the 42 mile Italian Trap-La Milagrosa Loop from Agua Caliente Park. Chris and I carpooled and met Max at 5 am at the park. After some small talk about rigs, we headed up to tackle the steep, uphill climb. Chris was having some trouble with his ss, so Max and I left him to do the hill climb up to Bellota Ranch while we adjusted our route to only La Milagrosa.

We turned on the AZ trail instead of doing the Italian Tank loop (cutting off about 20 miles from the originally planned route). Here is a picture of Max at the AZT turnoff:

A few miles down the road, I got 2 different flats since I am not running stans in the back. Here is a picture before the flats. Notice I am happy and carefree, flats and flying over my handlebars are not on my mind.

The two flats were from a bad thorn and a pinch flat. We continued on to La Milagrosa turnoff. I have some fond memories here of the AZT 300 Race in April of this year. I passed this section at night, cold and ready to camp. Now I was passing it in the heat of the day with Max showing me his sweet downhill ability. I flew over my handlebars a few times, but no serious injuries. I still need to perfect some of my technical on trails like Bug Springs and La Milagrosa.

I made it back to Agua Caliente park at about 930 to pick up Chris. We headed to Einstein's for some OJ and breakfast bagel. Mmmmmm.

Map of the loop

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Anonymous said...

You really fly over your handle bars? That's intense Chad. I admire you hardcore-ness. ;)


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