Sunday, November 07, 2010


From the weekly Tuesday Night Rides.... the occasional Wednesday Night Tech Fest,
 legs have finally mustered up enough words to whisper something to me, "Ahem, we need some rest in the form of non-technical trail."

Have you ever been there? I know my recovery time very well, especially in the endurance realm. This is not an endurance type of recovery, it is slower and is more focused in the thighs. No recovery sock I have can go up to my thighs. Basically, I have realized the following profound statement to be true: that a 10-mile technical climbing ride takes a heavier toll than a 40-50 mile cross country ride.

That's is not to say that Scott and I did not do a 14-hour ride last Friday, although the pain during said ride was when I realized that I need a 1-2 week rest from technical riding. You probably saw on his blog the video from a similar ride we did last year, if not check it out here before tomorrow's post on the Sammy Epic.

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Anonymous said...

It's so tough to do recovery....or plan recovery....especially when you look at the forecast for this week down in the deserts....I struggle to look beyond the now and realize I have all winter to ride


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