Sunday, November 14, 2010

Area 52

Is it safe to say that all slickrock begins with a sandy, wash ride?

Max is back on the bike. I convinced him to take a trip to Area 52 this past weekend. The theme of the day: slickrock.

We explored new (to me) routes, dead ends were frequent, nevertheless it was all entertaining and unique.

Max rolled this one...only to double flat.

"I forgot my glue."

I loaned him one of my non-slime tires, but that did not even help. Without glue, Max resorted to burning the patch to the tire. And guess what?! IT WORKED!

He was forced to play it easy the rest of the day, having no more extra tubes.

Look close at this picture, it almost looks like my front wheel is on that rock. Don't be fooled. Look closely.

The classic House of Cards drop was a good place to have to fix some flats. I kept riding it up and down. If you remember last time Scott and I were out at Area 52, I broke my frame. We switched off the bike for the remainder of that evening.

Max and I did the same.

Add that one to the "Faces of Chad Coffee Table Book." Not really sure what I was doing there. *blush, blush*

Lastly, it was time for the last drop of the day....the classic camping spot roll.

Max nearly rolled over this on the way back to the car. Some post-ride beverages in the shade at the car was the perfect way to enjoy the weather.


ScottM said...

"I forgot my glue" -- I just about fell out of my chair laughing at that pic/caption.

Bummed I missed it. We shall definitely return.

John Romeo Alpha said...

Chad, your ride pictures are awesome as always. That snake in the last picture is a magnificent creature, isn't it?

Chad said...

Thanks John, Max rode right by the snake. Not sure how.

Time for hibernation for those little guys...I see about 1-2/month when they are out and about.


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