Thursday, November 11, 2010


The day after the Samaniego Epic, Kendall, Pocket and I drove up to hike and bike some trail on Mt Lemmon.

Apple was blooming with fall colors. It is the newest trail that extends from 1918 and heads back to Box Canyon TH.

This picture alone should lure you into riding Apple. The only downside of this trail is that it needs a little work; there are three downed trees and one small drainage that are uncleanable.

I was surprised to find another mountain biker hiking Apple. We introduced ourselves to Chris and his partner, chatting away about the fall colors. Word is spreading about this trail. Did I mentioned it is even marked for cross country skiing?

We found some new b-lines were found on 1918.

Kendall was snapping most of the blog-worthy pictures, so I have none of her. She was pushing herself up some technical sections she had never cleared.

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thomas said...

How hard do you find biking with the leaves covering the trail? I find them super slippery and they make it hard to see the rocks & roots...


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