Thursday, August 06, 2009


Its good to be back on the bike. I spent the past 3 months riding everywhere but Tucson. It was time for a quick urban ride around the north side of Tucson. The monsoons have not only helped many wildflowers bloomed

but also changed some of the trails. The quick little 2 hour jaunt was nice. I had not been on the bike since mid-July, about a 3-week rest.

I had a burb on my stan's tubeless as I was nearing my house; first one since the AZT. Time to add some more stan's to the the wheels.

It's good to be back in southern Arizona.

Its time to start thinking about the next big ride, the Vapor Trail 125. Some possible riding in Prescott late August planned and maybe a weekend up at Mt Lemmon. I am lacking some high-altitude rides, especially coming back from spending 3 weeks at sea level.


Matt said...

You are gonna love the VT125!

Anonymous said...

Let me know when you're coming through Prescott.



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