Thursday, August 27, 2009

Keep riding

Aaron and I headed over to Sweetwater for a quick 3.5 hour ride. Those locals that are not aware of the Sunset singletrack that connects to the gasline road, it's becoming a commonly used route as I saw 3-4 tracks on Sunset. If you want to ride out to Sweetwater from the north side of Tucson, you need to check it out.

Aaron said he got hit by some rain while coming over from Starr Pass. This storm seemed to be passing around us. Or at least that was my prediction.

It looks pretty small, right? Or so I thought. The storm quickly changed directions and strengthened; the trails quickly turned to streams. Monsoon season, gotta love it. Hot and sunny one moment, rainy and humid the next.

After about 30 minutes of alternating light and heavy rain, the sun began to appear behind the Tucson Mountains with some stunning cloud formations.

The ride home at night was interesting. Note to self: take the gasline road back to Ina instead of crossing the Santa Cruz River at night. A group of guys drinking near the open pit asked me, "Do you live down by the river." Classic setup line. I quickly and wittingly responded, "yeah, in a van." No laugh meant one thing...keep riding!

1 comment:

ScottM said...

Nice. Keep riding indeed. Was this Tuesday night?

I think I got a pic of the same storm that hit you, seen from further east...

It was zapping itself quite a bit.


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