Sunday, August 23, 2009


A sure sign that it is time to ride in Arizona....rain.

Saturday we did the classic Lemmon ride from our camp on Mt Bigelow: Secret, 1918, Sunset to Aspen. Want to know a sure sign that few people ride these forgotten trails? When people debate their names. The conversation over cinnamon buns and coffee in Summerhaven went something like this...

"According to Scott Morris, that trail is called 1918," recalled one of the riders. Insert awkward moment of silence as we all look over to Scott.

"Errrr, I am Scott Morris" replied the legend himself.

Alas, we hike together again...

to the top of Aspen Draw at 9k.

Sunday was a similar ride on Butterfly Trail with Aaron.

If you have not visited Lemmon, now is the time. I am guilty of neglecting Lemmon sometimes, but not anymore.

A good shot of Aaron on a steep switchback. Do you notice anything about the trail in front of Aaron?

Isn't it great riding with friends? (Los Evil, Kendall, Scotty, Brian, and Los Trujillo....Let's do it again soon).

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liteandfast said...

The trail in front of Aaron has dirt, two rocks, and maybe a bear foot print, but besides all that there's no tire tracks.


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