Monday, August 03, 2009

Colorado Trail Race

It's hard to be on the sidelines watching this one. During the voting process, I was secretly hoping that the start time did not conflict with my schedule (like the AZT 300 this year). No such luck, I have to head to school tomorrow to start prepping for next week's first day of school.

Some good friends are racing this year; most notably Lee Blackwell, Scott Morris and Max Morris...all from Tucson. Max just did a call in a few hours ago, it looks like Scott is up close to the leaders. It is easy to imagine riding next to either of these guys, cranking jokes, exchanging stories, trying to clean different lines, seeing who walks on what, etc.

Pretty epic already and it is only the first day. But alas, some of us have to watch from our computers. You can watch the entire race unfold here.

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