Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sedona to Flagstaff to Sedona

I managed to score a ride to Schnebly Hill with my friends Kacy and Steve on Sunday night, arriving around midnight. The plan was to get picked up the next day somewhere in the vicinity, perhaps Munds. Here is the profile of the ride.

I woke up at 5 am the next morning and got moving down to Sedona around 6am. The sun started to peer over the ridge pretty early, although I immediately shot down some super fast singletrack, later hitting up Munds.
As mapped out in the Coconino Dirty Century, I turned around after reaching 179, headed back up Schnebly to the vista point while playing leap frog with the slow moving jeep from the Pink Jeep Tours. One of the best views in Arizona...

After crossing I-17, I rode over to Mormon Lake on forest roads. A shot of Mormon Lake.

Next was on the for Arizona Trail and north toward Flagstaff. The wind started to pick up, around 10-20 mph and 30 mph gust. It was very, very slow going.

Some new PVC pipe makes it easy to jump over some of the barbed wire during this section of the trail.

Enjoying the view despite the wind. I was moving around 4-5 mph during this section of the ride due to the wind.

More AZT near Fisher Point.
I cruised into Flagstaff at 4pm to eat some Subway and arrange my pick-up. The chosen location was Sedona since they were hiking Parson Springs.

I finished my $5 foot long sub and rode out the urban loop. I have less than an hour so I decided to take 89A back to Sedona. Since it was a Monday, there was very few cars. A quick question: how many of you have dreamed about riding the 89A Oak Creek section up and down on a road bike? I know I have for years. What a great road, especially when taken on a bike; my speed topped out at 41.7 mph while taking this section of the road.

Final stats from the ride:
101 miles
13 hours total time, 10 hours moving time
Thanks again to Kacy and Steve for the ride!

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How much of the Arizona Trail have your rode on your bike? I know some sections are off limits to cyclists and was wondering how feasible it would be to fly into Phoenix to ride part of the trail for a couple of days.



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