Saturday, May 17, 2008

A post dedicated to the driver of the blue, raised Ford 350

This blog post is dedicated to all those idiots in their cars that pass me everyday and either honk or yell out their window while I am commuting around town or to work. More importantly though, this is dedicated to the jackass that yelled what sounded like garble while proceeding to ride through the stop light on Ina and Thornydale today. Oh, and flipping me off was a nice touch to the garble. Upon further review of your garble a few hundred yards down the road, I realized what you said, "Stay in the F@#ing bike lane you !&@#4 biker."

Firstly, I am sorry if it looked like I was out of my bike lane while riding to the post office, it was after all a turning lane that is technically a bike lane, hence the sign "Yield to Cyclists" that was clearly visible from your view in that ugly truck that you are still making payments on. I was merely trying to let other cars into my lane so that they could turn while I was going straight through the light. Imagine that, a cyclist being nice to motorists. According to the Bicycle Traffic Law, I acted in the best interest of the driver and myself.

Secondly, next time you yell something out the window, make sure you are farther away from me, so I do not have time to see your license plate on a your ugly-ass truck. Also, if you have a vehicle that is more popular, your do not run the risk of having something happen to your truck in the event that I happen to ride by it while sitting out at Wal-mart. Basically, what I am trying to say is that it is going to be easy to find your truck around the northwest side of Tucson and when I do, I guarantee that revenge will be had on your P.O.S. truck.

Finally, I am sure you have never had the opportunity to ride a road bike around the streets of Tucson. As I am sure you are aware, Tucson often takes 25 years to repair some of the street surfaces. If you are not aware of this widely known fact, I encourage you to read the local newspaper from time to time in order to get updates on Tucson. Consequently, this makes it hard for road bikes to maneuver around the potholes, rocks, and glass, so you can imagine how easy it might be for me to move over to the white line in order to avoid getting a flat.

To those that continue to drive to work on a daily basis, citing lame excuses, you should be ashamed. Take the public bus once a week, carpool, and bike. Some of us do it everyday, but I understand that you might have some pressing issues, so once a week is the bare minimum. I would rather ride my bike 20 minutes to commute to work than have to wait in rush hour driving 5mph.


Josh said...

Will the police allow you to report the plate #?

Andy Suter said...

now that's the truth. well said chad. :)

ejbluth said...

Where abouts on the North side do you live man? It seems you're right around the corner from me (Linda Vista and Camino de Oeste.) Plus 1 to alternative transportation as well, riding to work is great, but I can't say I do it 100% of the time.


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