Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Trader Joe's

On the topic on nutrition, Meredith calculated my calorie intake for the food I ate after the climb or die. Turns out I ate 4100 calories that day, with a fat, carb, and protein intake identical to Friel's suggested percentages.

Here is another good sign that I might be eating right. At Trader Joe's, the attendant (upon ringing up my $130 grocery), asked me if I was a cyclist. I looked down to see if I had any "cyclist clothing" on and realized that I did not, so I proceeded to ask why.

He said, "I can tell by the food that you have today, you seem like you are a cyclist. do you do mountain or road?"

We had a good chat about mountain biking, how he has not biked in awhile, how he was going to start, etc. So, I think I might be eating the right stuff.
Some things in my cart today:
Pomegrantate Juice
Carrot Juice (man I love this stuff)
Blueberry Juice (the official recovery drink of every person that has slept next to their bike)
2Buck Chuck(haha, wine anyone?)
Lots of veggies/fruit (the crux of my shopping)
Eggs/English muffins (fav breakfast food: spinach/mush omelet)
10 cartons of soy milk (gotta stock up when I drive to the TJ's)
Vanana yogurt (yes, I am a yogurt addict)
Hummus and spicy pita

1 comment:

carrie said...

I love that store! I'm glad there is one in NM, they need to open one in Colorado, though...


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