Thursday, March 06, 2008

Tempo road miles

Saw Chuck and Andrea P on the Rillito bike path today. Had a quick chat before continuing on to clockin 39.7 miles at tempo pace. This was the first day of real riding since Sunday, so three days on only commuting to work (and a 30-minute swim yesterday). Still laying low on pushing it too hard since I still seem to have something in the lungs. This weekend is the Kentucky Camp Epic down in Sonoita, 1 or 2 laps of some great singletrack and climbing.

Profile view of one loop (5377 feet of climbing)

Profile KCE

I need to get some more miles in before the Rim Ride and I am thinking about doing another 24+ hour training ride for the AZT 300, assuming I feel 100% in the next few days. I was looking at the BCT trail and its proximity to other trails. Hoping to find a route from Cave Creek-Table Mesa then the BCT connected to Crown King-Senator Highway. The training ride might go down there or just ride from my house down to Sonoita-Patagonia-Sierra Vista-Bisbee-Tombstone-Douglas before coming back. There is also the idea of just jumping on the AZT riding it south to Parker and back up again. All ideas of course.

I should have a plan soon.


PirateGirl said...

We'll be down in that neck of the woods on Saturday morning for a quick ride (my friend is doing the MBAA sprint race the following weekend). We may see ya down there! Looks like the weather for this weekend's race will be MUCH better than last time. Sunny and warm will be perfect. Hmmm...I may need to put the KCE on my race list for the future. Looks like a blast!

Dave said...

If only I had free weekends.....

PirateGirl said...

My friend Liane and I are meeting up on Sat at 9AM at the 92/83 intersection and will park in the area off of the 163. I think that's the area you'll be in (I haven't been down that way in awhile).


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