Sunday, March 16, 2008

South Mountain C2C2C

Jason, Darren, Max, Dave C and I got off to a late start since the Yeti demo guys ran into some trouble from our Plan B. We had to try to meet them over at warpaint and demo some bikes, but things did not work out, anyway, we had to head back to Pima Canyon with about 10 minutes to get ready. Nonetheless, we were really, really late. We picked up some other late arrivals and headed up National (profile above of the route courtesy of Dave's blog).

They ended up off over at war paint, mostly riding with the family. Thanks again to both the Yeti (Anthony, Joe and the family) and the Rocky Mtn Demo Guys (Thane and Kurt) for hooking us up with some sweet, sweet rides.

Max demoing a rocky mtn, my rocky mtn demo bike in the background riding up National

Jason on the big bike keeping up an astounding pace, especially on the dh sections

More Max shots

Darren from DC

One flat tire, a few crashes, Max and Jason both clearing the waterfall, Dave loosing his saddle, and the amazing BV "aid station" with Guinness were some of the highlights of the trip. Thanks again JB and Chris for the drinks!

After the ride, we headed over to the ramada for some margaritas and fun BBQing largely in part to the hard work of DurtGirl (Kathleen) and other Phx MTBERs. Thanks again for hosting such a great party!

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