Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Post BOB trailer ride

Profile from the BOB trip

Cleaned the bike, tuned 'er up after the bad showing up at PMC (bent the hanger a bit and broke my new eggbeater pedal, still under warranty.). The newest additions are some new grips and smaller tires for the PEE this weekend. Testing both out tomorrow on a night ride in the Tucson Mountain Park (testing on my Minewt Dual that I scored at interbike for $100).

Post ride with the BOB and later ultimate frisbee has not treated me very well. Still a little sore from the run (achilles has made a 100% recovery!). Still doing stretching exercises before I really get back on the running program I was on. Headed to the gym for my swim and soak in the hot tub....Ahhhhhhh.

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