Thursday, August 02, 2007

San Diego to Lompoc

Our goal is to ride along the West Coast from San Diego to Lompoc, a total of 285 miles. I tried to start out easy as we begin, slowly increasing the mileage per day. Here is the very tentative plan for next week's bike tour:

Day 1: San Diego to Carlsbad 36.5 miles
Camp at the South Carlsbad State Beach
Day 2: Carlsbad to Dana Point 43.2 miles
Stay at Kacy’s uncle house.
Day 3: Dana Point to Redondo Beach 52.2 miles
Hotel in Redondo Beach area. Dinner with a friend from Mexico.
Day 4: Redondo Beach to Ventura 72.2 miles
Camp at Emma Wood State Beach
Day 5: Ventura to Lompoc 80.9 miles
Gaviota State Park

Total Estimated Mileage of Tour:
285 miles

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