Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Day 3: Marina del Rey to McGrath State Park

Day 3: Marina del Rey to McGrath State Park (Ventura)
Total Mileage: 72 miles

We woke up at 630 am and headed off to the continental breakfast that the hotel offered. It was another treat that we had not expected (since we were planning to stay in the hostel). Like most continental breakfasts, it was lacking in food, but it did have waffles and muffins.

The next section of the PCH into Malibu runs along the cliffs of the sea. The route here runs on the PCH, rarely veering off into smaller bike paths along the beach. After the mountain section, Oxnard came into view early afternoon. Rows and rows of fruits and vegetables line the highway here.

We stopped to eat at Jersey Mike's Subs, a small little deli. The entire staff wanted to help us and asked tons of questions. Besides the common "How far are you going?" they also moved to the more philosophical, "what made you want to bike the PCH?" We decided to buy a "gigantic" sub to go for dinner.

I got a little of course in the outskirts of Oxnard. We ran into the 101 that does not allow bikes on, so we headed west toward the beach and McGrath State Park. As we were going west, the wind picked up to at least 20 mph. After about 1 hour of riding into the wind, we decided that we were going to stop at McGrath and check out their hike-n-bike facility. When we got to McGrath, we decided to call it a day instead of riding into Ventura. Here is the picture of the hike-n-bike campsite for $5/person.

We headed out to the beach for a quick swim. It was the perfect temperature to a long, hot ride. The only problem was the waves and riptide were strong.

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