Thursday, August 30, 2007

Achilles Tendinitis Recovery Plan

For the past 16 months, I have been recovering from Achilles Tendinitis in both of heals. First, I had problems with my right one. Then about 8 months later, my left one began hurting. How did this injury happen? I attribute it to running massive amount of hill workouts in my workouts while training in Mexico. Also, doing 3 marathons and about 15-20 5ks and 10ks races in 1.5 years might have contributed to the problem.

After running my entire life, I had to switch over to the triathlon/biking scene because my Achilles would not allow me to run over 5-6 miles. Hence the new love for triathlons and biking.

Well, I guess I am ranting a bit, but my point is that I am going to do more than the ibuprofen, icing, and stretching that the doctor said. Here is a quick plan:

1. I am going to cut back on the ibuprofen so the healing can take place. I have never been hip on using it, so I am slowly going to wean myself off of it.

2. I am adding extra soy milk to my diet (especially before bed), and supplementing with lysine, glycine, and vitamins C & E. I just got back from GNC, bout about $50 worth of the aforementioned goods.

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